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Published monday, march 30 2020
  • This is the best time to engage with your audience and interact with them. You can get to know them better than ever before.

  • Create amazing videos because its 2020 and people engage with videos more than with any other piece of content

  • Let people know about the actual situation and how you plan to go with things once the lockdown ends.

  • Optimize your ad campaign and reach out to more people with targeted advertising and PPC techniques.

  • Use this time to get tasks done which you have been delaying for long but will seriously uplift your brand positioning.

Woman starts blogging from home on wordpress
Taking business online

Well, it was not long ago when we heard about the coronavirus pandemic taking a toll over Wuhan in china and leaving people locked up in their houses. Fast forward to March and we have almost every country reporting cases of coronavirus and taking strict lockdown measures to protect the public. But amidst the quarantine and speculations of a great economic recession it's a fight between saving life or livelihood. With almost all non essential business activities coming to a halt and people going into self quarantine , companies have finally got a lot of time to figure out and change the way they have been doing their business.

With people being locked into their houses, there has been a sudden surge in internet consumption over the past few days. After all, we all have plans for quarantine and chill.Now this is a golden opportunity for companies to get in the game and connect with their audiences like never before.

You can do a lot over the internet, and the few things below will surely help you in figuring out how to really reach your customers in this lockdown.

1) Engage with your audience

A child attending a live video session on a computer
A child attending a live video session on a computer

This is the best time for any company to reach out to their customers and engage with them. Create interesting content for people which helps them connect with your brand. Ask them questions, tell them about your product and interact with them as much as you can. You can hold Q&A sessions, trying to answer all the questions your customer has. Also, Webinars is the way to go. Hold personalised webinars to talk to people and discuss topics they may find interesting. 

2) Video content 

With a spike of over 44% in video content being consumed in the last few weeks, it can surely be understood how much people are liking videos in 2020. You can create amazing videos to promote your brand during this period. Videos create a long lasting impression in people’s minds and they will surely remember about your company even when the lockdown ends.

3) Be transparent about the situation

With almost everyone being in lockdown there sure are some hiccups we all are facing regarding our work, be it production, delivery, manufacturing or research. You need to reassure everyone that even though things look bad out front you’ve got it all under control and tell them about exactly how you plan to function and fulfil the needs once the lockdown gets over and life is back to normal. Being truthful to your people who trust in your company is the best you can do right now.

4) Advertise Advertise Advertise

Different social media platforms that are used for marketing
Different social media platforms that are used for marketing

Almost everyone these days is hooked to their digital devices, looking at screens, spending the day scrolling through social media. This is the best time to let people know about your company. You can use this time to optimize your online ad campaigns and focus on making a good campaign strategy. Our team can help you getting things done remotely, in a jiffy with all the expertise you need.

5) Focus on enhancing your digital properties

A woman programming a website
A woman programming a website

Maybe you were wanting to revamp your website for a long time, create new visuals for your product or maybe integrate analytics to collect and analyse user data for better strategic planning. Now is the right time to dig deep and brainstorm ideas while you are at peace ,safe in your houses, However our tech professionals can get things up and running for you while you focus on the other side of your business.