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Published monday, March 9 2020
  • Create original and engaging content for your audience. We already have a lot of content on the internet but people want you to be unique.

  • Be consistent with what you post. You should not keep people waiting for your article and then not delivering it on time

  • Start posting on social media and interact with your viewers. It will help you understand them better and engage with them even more

  • Make sure to perform SEO for your blogs because you need to rank it if you want people to watch it. Make a proper SEO strategy and look out for necessary keywords.

Woman starts blogging from home on wordpress
Woman starting blogging from the comfort of her home.

It is not an unknown fact for many that how much blogging has been saturated and how many bloggers start documenting every day. But the concern is how many of them can actually provide value to their audience. With plagiarised content all over the internet its hard to know what is true and what isn’t. Blogging comes with its own set of struggles. But it is still a popular option for many. So, for all our fellas out there still looking for blogging as a part-time/full-time career, we have a simple guide for you.

1) Choose your niche

The very first thing before starting a blog is to choose your niche. It can be anything from food, travel, automotive to fashion or lifestyle.

It is even better to write in a category you are passionate about.

Ask yourself: Am I passionate about travelling? Do I like trying new cuisines/cooking? 

If the answer to any of the above questions is no, you may want to reconsider your choice but if the answer is yes, you are good to go.

2) The right platform

A person blogging on Wordpress Platform
A person blogging on Wordpress Platform

Yes, we all know about WordPress and how easy it is for you to set up a blog on WordPress. But you may still want to check out the new options in the market as well. Platforms like MEDIUM and Tumblr are fast growing with a lot of audience liking them. They are easy to set up and maintain as well. However if someone likes the good old WordPress, they are good to go.

3) Domain name and Hosting

Choosing the right domain name helps you get more traffic!
Choosing the right domain name helps you get more traffic!

For you to run your blog you should need a domain name. Checkout for different options and then see if they are available or not. Once you have a domain name you can host your blog on the custom domain.

Bluehost is a popular choice for WordPress users for example.

Once you’re ready you can set styling and change design to make your blog look good and visually appealing for your audience.

Now that you’ve setup your blog it's time to post content and reach out to people. So let’s discuss how to run a blog in 2020.

1) Create Engaging Content – Yes you may have a way with words, but trust me, you really want your audience to engage with your content, if you want to see them come again for a 2nd time. Ask them simple questions or mention their experiences to discuss further. This will create a great impact on your post and you’ll see engagement getting multifold.

2) Create Original Content – People are really bored seeing all the rephrased content over the internet. What people are looking out right now is new experiences, new trends and something they have not known for a while. So instead of crunching older posts, try something and then write about it documenting your own personal experiences.

If you are a fitness blogger, try telling them what worked for you and how you achieved it.

Original content is much appreciated by the audience because it will always be different from anything they find on the internet.

 3) Consistency – Believe me. Consistency is the key. You cannot just start a blog, post 5 odd articles in a go and then relax the whole month. You need to be consistent with what you post. Start by choosing a posting cycle like Daily, Weekly or Monthly and completely abide by it. It's not easy , we all know. But, you gotta do what you gotta do.

4) Social Media – We all know the power of social media in this era. Create Instagram and Twitter accounts and start posting. This may not be related just to your blog but any relevant piece of information related to your niche which viewers may find interesting. Start engaging in communities, with fellow writers and obviously your audience.

5) Search Engine Optimization – Checkout our next article about what SEO is and how to implement in a detailed guide. If you have a fair knowledge and want to get started, click here to download our complete SEO checklist.